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Antelope Valley's Professional Electricians serving Lancaster CA, Palmdale CA, Littlerock, Acton, Rosamond and Quartz hill.
If you need to fix a switch, light, receptacle, GFI, or maybe you want to install some recessed lighting or ceiling fan to your home or business call us we do it all. We can troubleshoot and fix your electrical problem for an affordable upfront price. We install exterior lighting, doorbell cameras, floodlight cameras, security lights,electric car chargers no job is too big or small for us. We also specialize in pool and spa electrical, panel upgrades, RV hookups, we do it all call us today for a free estimate.
Over 20 years experience in electrical service, repair and installation.
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Panel Replacement and Upgrades
Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacements
We install electrical panels with precision. Our team is highly trained, exceptionally skilled, licensed and our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to quality work and great customer service. Call and get a free estimate on how much and how fast it will take to replace or upgrade your panel.
Frequently asked Questions
How do I know if I need to replace or upgrade my electrical panel?
If your electrical panel is 20 years or older it's time to consider replacing it. Older electrical panels sometimes can't handle today's electricity needs. If your Breakers keep tripping or if you smell burnt or see melted Parts in your panel it's time to consider replacing or upgrading. Or maybe you are adding new appliances a spa or pool or maybe an addition to your home and you need more power give us a call today!    
How do I fix an electrical outlet?
Not all Outlets are wired the same with the right tools and the right knowledge of electrical you can fix any Outlet just call us, we have an upfront service fee so you don't have to waste your money time and frustration on something a professional electrician can take care of for you.    
Can I install a ceiling fan in a room where there is no switch or light?
Yes you can install a fan as long as you put the right electrical box to support the weight of the fan and depending if you want to use a remote or wall switch each installation is different.    
Why is my GFI not working?
It might have a broken circuit or bad breaker call us today and we can fix it today no problem.    
Half my house has no power and all my Breakers are on. What is the problem?
Most likely you have a broken circuit somewhere and need a professional electrician to go and troubleshoot the issue or a bad breaker that might need to be replaced.